Soft, smooth, and silky? Ummmm, yes please

Our Front Desk Coordinator, Amanda recounts her first experience with Keratin Complex! Her transformation was flawless if I do say so myself, and her portrayal is a classic example of one of the many ways Keratin treatments can change your whole look:


Have you ever heard of a Keratin hair treatment or Brazilian straightening? Up until this morning I was relatively uneducated about what keratin was or what it could do for my hair. But two hours later and a head of smooth, sleek, shiny hair, I can safely say that I am impressed with the science and am extremely pleased with the results.

Keratin is a protein which is naturally produced by the human body. It is found in the outer layer of the skin, and is the key structural component of hair and nails. The keratin helps to keep your hair, skin, and nails strong, prevent breakage, and increase elasticity and hydration. A number of products in the last decade have been formulated for your hair containing this protein to temporarily smooth, straighten, and de­-frizz hair with results lasting up to 5 months.

Amanda 2

My wavy beachy hair hair before my treatment!

Keratin Complex, the line currently carried by Bottega, is becoming the market leader in keratin smoothing therapy. They are continually developing their products and keratin technology to provide a range of treatments to suit every need, hair type, and budget. Whilst all their treatments offer smoothing and de-frizzing, they vary in application time, down time after the service until you can wash or style your hair, and longevity.

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Today I had my hair treated with the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System, for those of your who are clients: The Full Brazilian Treatment. This treatment takes roughly 2 hours to apply, lasts about 3 months, and unlike the other treatments can be shampooed and styled the same day. This treatment is especially effective on clients with highly textured hair and if desired can be styled to reduce frizz whilst maintaining curl. Overall I loved it. The products smelled and felt divine and my hair is soooo smooth!!! I can’t wait to wash my hair and still come out of the shower with smooth, straight hair :)

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So who can use it? Well, the product is pretty much beneficial for anyone. The keratin protein helps to repair damaged hair and can be used on excessively fragile, overprocessed, or chemically damaged hair. The keratin treatment can also be used in localized spots where the hair tends to curl and kink (think of those annoying cowlicks on the side of your head and at the back of your neck), and can of course be used on men! All those guys with shorter hair on the sides and a longer mop on top should definitely consider a keratin treatment and how it can be beneficial in taming that hair!

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Perfectly, smooth, un-frizzy hair all summer long, how could you resist?

-Amanda M.

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